Review policy

Institute of review is an expert body, which includes members of the editorial board of the journal "Artikult", leading specialists of the Russian State University for the Humanities and other universities and research centers in Russia and other countries,
The organisation of reviewing in the journal "Artikult" (all practical questions of the planning and executing) considered at a meeting of the editorial board and approved by the chief editor.
This instruction describes the general procedure of the reviewing of manuscripts received by the editorial board of the journal "Artikult."

General rules
The texts of articles of students and candidates for a degree of candidate of science accompanied by the recommendation of the supervisor. If there is a co-author with a degree is not required recommendation of the supervisor; the manuscript is accompanied by the recommendation of the organisation where this collective research was executed.
Appendix 1 = >>
According to the Rules, all articles submitted to the journal pass through the double blind peer-review. The responsible person for choose reviewers is executive secretary of the magazine selected from the members of the Editorial Board (in consultation with the chief editor of the magazine) and leading experts in this research area (authors of most cited monographs and papers) according to the Editorial Board consultations.
The deadline for writing the review established in coordination with the reviewer, but should not exceed three weeks.
Review should define the relevance of the material and argumentation presented, the degree of scientific novelty of the study, the compliance of all norms and rules of this area of studies and academic writing level (if additional consultation and editing are necessary or not)
The guideline to the structure of the review is presented in Appendix 2 = >>
After the adoption of the editorial board decision to admit an article for publication the executive secretary shall inform the author and indicate dates of publication.
The content of each issue of the magazine is approved at the council of the editorial board, which, taking into account the views of the reviewers decide on the acceptance for publication of each article.
The originals of the reviews are kept in the editor's office without admission of the authors. Any author may by request obtain copy of the review as plain text without any marks of the name or position of the reviewer.

Annex 1
To the Editor "Artikult"
by [surname, initials]
I recommended for publication in the journal "Artikult" the manuscript of the paper named "Title of the article."
Article corresponds to the field of the journal, meets the scientific criteria, observes all rules of publication in the journal "Artikult."
Optional, at the discretion of the referee: a brief description of the scientific significance of the work.

Information about the referees in the case of postgraduate students - the supervisor of research of the author of the manuscript
Last name, first name - fully
Academic degree
Academic title
Affiliation (full)
Mail address

[Recommendation of the supervisor: (1) the delivery or e-mail signature is stamped; (2) delivery to the editor personally recommender enough signatures. The recommendations of members of the magazine "Artikult" sent from the personal / business address, equal to the self-signed. Editorial and recommender recognize that electronic (fax) copies of the documents are valid and have equal legal force, along with the original. News archive kept by the publisher.]

Date ____________________ 2011
Signature ________________________ / Surname and initials /

Sent to the Editor
with e-mail


Annex 2
Review article
(Author, title)

1. Summary
2. General characteristics of the content
• Relevance of the topic
• Novelty
• Methodical approach originality
• The purity of the experiment and the reproducibility of the results
• The rigor and unequivocal conclusion, their limitations in the text, the adequacy of the main provisions of the Article
3. The quality of the composition and argumentation of the article
• Correct apparatus (abstract / summary, bibliography, reference system, etc.).
• Readability of illustrations and tables, their compliance with the sense of the description.
• Acquittance with all today results and opinions in the research area.
4. Necessary comments on the text
5. The reasoned opinion

The Article is
recommended for publication
not recommended for publication
it may be published after corrections

Reviewer / Member of the editorial board of "Artikult"
(Name, signature, date)

Annex 2 (option 2)
The structure of the review of the article,
submitted for publication in the electronic periodical "Artikult"

1 General characteristics of the article (title, author, volume).
2 General characteristics of problem (topics, focus).
3 Articleand the mainstreaming issues of the magazine section.
4 Relevance of the Article.
5 Characteristics and assessment of the content of the article, including:
- Set out in Article of positions and results;
- The novelty of the positions and results;
- The validity of statements and results;
- The importance of positions and results (in terms of the development of the field, prospects for practical application).
6 Comments on the presentation and design of the material of the article
7 Recommendations:
- Publication of the article as presented;
- Revision of the article according to the comments;
- Unreasonableness to publish the article.

In separate page
8 Full name, position, academic degree, academic rank reviewer.
9 Date of signing the review.