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Articult - scholar peer-reviewed edition  
  4 issues per year  
Published since 2011

The peer-reviewed e-journal Articult established by RSUH Rector's permission. The edition process reglamented by the Reglement (the order on changes of the former Reglement, annex 1 actual version of the Reglement, annex 2 - editorial council and board, former Reglement)

The journal is registered as a mass medium by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications in accordance with the Statute of the Russian Federation “On the Mass Media”. The mass medium registration certificate: Electronic Number ФС77-45872, effective since 21.07.2011.

The journal is included in the ISSN Register with:  ISSN 2227-6165.  

The journal is included in Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) database.

The journal is included in European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) database.

The journal was founded 2011 as project of the Department of Art History of the Russian State University for the Humanities. From the outset, the publication was equal to international standards of review and publication. The aim was to improve the quality of teaching in the Department to highest world standards. Very soon the journal gained strong reputation among Russian and international researches, studying contemporary art and new methods in art criticism.  

Main research areas:

Art and arts: from creative design and amateur arts to classical forms and greatest achievements
Art theory considerating statics and dynamics
From art theory to the philosophy of art, studying creativity
Art history: the development of forms and expressions as system.
Microhistory of art and case-studies
The history of artistic ideas
History of museum practices in the context of the history of the humanities
Modern and contemporary art: ideas and realisation
Arts and new media: the transformation of artistic forms
Art as communication: the development of forms of communication and influence of art.
Arts and experiment: new art program and liminal arts
The impact of art in culture and enviroment
Development of the art studies: principles and particularities
Art and drift of meanings: understanding classical today
Art studies and critical theory
Anthropology of art: Creative act and person in art
Art and culture: environment as element of art
Cinema Theory
History of Cinema
Interference of cinema and contemporary art